When we look good we feel good ! What we decide to wear ultimately decides our mood or TRUE REFLECTIONS

 Visualize yourself Putting on a black leather jacket... notice how your demeanor changes. Feel a little rebellious or "cool" ... Your vocabulary and posture reflects a more care free attitude. Now put on a white lab coat... Feel a little different? A little more poised and polished... Your vocabulary and posture reflect a more professional and precise attitude. Same person, different jackets. What we wear are TRUE REFLECTIONS of who we are

Take a "down on their luck" person currently clothed in sad sweatpants and t-shirt~ now dress them in a cute flowery summer dress... what impact do you think that will have on their current mental state of mind? Probably from hopeless to hopeful...  how does our perception of them change? Same person~ different clothes. What we wear shows our TRUE REFLECTIONS of how we are feeling

It's human nature really~ Give a little boy a superman cape and a little girl a tiara... who do they become? What we wear are TRUE REFLECTIONS of who we can be.

Our appearance reflects our mood~ when we look good, we feel good!